Human Resources

by Super Senior

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I hate Mondays.




all rights reserved


Super Senior Tokyo, Japan

Work is the source of nearly all the misery in the world. - Bob Black

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Track Name: Labor of Love
Put down your shovel
Put down your axe
Take off your clothes
Paint yourself black
Never ask for nothin'
Take it all back

You can't give what you don't own
You can't steal if it's your own

You raped me
Then blamed me
Called me lazy
Stole my time
Robbed me blind
Then paid me

A hooker's paid by the hour
And so are we
Punch in/ punch out
A time card/ a whore's teeth
Track Name: Bud Life
Fuck me in the ass
Burn me with cigarettes
Scalp, skin me
Or better yet
Let's talk about work

Cut off my eyelids
Rub my cock in bleach
Cut my tendons
Make me do the Charleston
Or better yet
Let's talk about work

The sound of dreams dying
Is the hiss of a can.
Does man make the beer
Or does beer make the man?
Track Name: Shame Sex
You can be a girlfriend if you like,
But nobody's gonna make me be the boyfriend.

You can be a woman if you like,
But nobody's gonna make me be the man.

No, sir.

You can call me a faggot, but I'm not gonna fuck you.
Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

Some people have a penis.
Some people have a vagina.
If I had a pussy,
Would anything change?

No, sir.
Track Name: Nick Cage
What am I--a fuckin' retard, man?